Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why I oppose torture

I keep hearing references on the news about the propriety of torture. Should we or shouldn’t we? I really don’t understand the question. Torture really doesn’t work against a trained subject. One of the classes I took before being shipped to Viet Nam way back when was how to deal with being tortured.

The theory is 1. Don’t talk. 2. OK, you can’t keep quite faced with any more pain, lie. 3. OK, you can’t lie any more - tell all you know. By now the torturer doesn’t know the truth from a lie and you’ve bought enough time for your side and what you knew is now obsolete. Now if I know that, so do the people the advocates of torture want to question. How effective can torture be if it’s going to take a long time to get unreliable answers?

Even if we do agree that torture is necessary, who is going to be your torturer? Your husband, son, wife or daughter? What will inflicting pain on another human being do to the torturer? Do you really think you can teach someone to hurt other people and not change them?

All our lives we are taught not to hurt our playmates, now you’ve broken that training to create a torturer - how do you de-train them? I don’t want my kids or my friends kids or your kids to be that torturer.

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