Monday, January 21, 2008

Focus on the right stuff

Since I recently retired I find I read the job search articles with a very different perspective. When I was really looking for a job, I looked for ways to improve my job search but now I find I am just amazed at how little the advice matches my experience as a hiring manager. A great deal of the advice relates to presentation.

When I was hiring technical workers and engineers one of the last things I cared about was presentation. One great maintenance technician sent a hand written resume on lined notebook paper. This would have hardly been read by the HR department because of it’s presentation. The point is I wasn’t hiring a resume writer, I was hiring a maintenance technician. The skills in fixing complex electronic equipment was the ONLY criteria. PS. I hired him and he was great!

Yes, I know that written communication is important in many jobs, but resume presentation has little to do with daily business correspondence.

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