Monday, January 28, 2008

Employee turnover and your choices

I just noticed an infomercial about training to be a motorcycle mechanic. It reminded me that most mechanics, when I was young, were hired with little or no formal training and trained by the employer. In the last 40 plus years (told you how old I am didn’t I) employers expect workers to come fully trained at their own expense.

I guess they objected to the training costs. But like most things, the cost didn’t go away it was just shifted to the employee. If I bear the cost of my training, why shouldn’t feel free to run down the street to the next job that offers me even a slight advantage.

I don’t owe the company anything because I brought my skills with me, you just want to rent with no long term commitment. If that drives up your cost through turnover - you decided this was the relationship you wanted with your employees.

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