Sunday, November 28, 2010

Downtown Dogs

Not the critter on the end of your leash, but a real eatable hot dog.

Sneer if you will, but to me a great hot dog is one life’s greatest pleasures. In the search for a good dog, you eat a lot of junk food. Sort of a metaphor for life.

Today we found a really nice place called Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs. Really good dogs! I always start with a plain dog, fresh onion and spicy mustard. Why? Cause I want to taste the dog, not the coverings. Really good dog.

My wife had the chili cheese dog and really liked it. But the most outstanding thing was their hand cut french fries! No cooking oil residue and just enough salt to taste but not over salted.

Since this is my first “dog in Denver” I can’t tell if it’s the best in town, but if you love your dogs, you should put Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs on your must try list.

Here is the link to his website.