Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just read a blog where the writer was talking about working hard but not on high priority items and it caused me to think - does low priority stuff need get done at all?

Well, of course it does. That’s why it on your list in the first place! If it didn’t need to get done, you wouldn’t put it on you “to do” list and assign it a priority.

Your high priority for today may be making the next sale or delivering the next order, but at some point you really do need to file those filled orders from last week and bill for the work you just finished. When we push stuff to a lower priority there is the natural human tendency to think its less important when the truth is its only less important AT THIS MOMENT. In far too many cases it's priority get higher the longer you put it off.

If you are constantly putting of stuff as “lower priority” you better make sure that some where, some how it gets done. Housekeeping tasks seem less important than the next sale or delivery, but how long can you function if with three feet of unfiled paperwork on your desk?

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