Sunday, June 29, 2008

Using the social sites in business.

A CNN Money article titled "Business people find ways to save time and make money from social software pioneered by their kids.” provides further proof that web based job searches are still tech-centric. I tried to include the link, but once again the HTML that worked yesterday doesn't work today!

Job boards started with the tech world and tech jobs still lead the way for finding jobs and workers on website job boards. Far more programmers are placed through online boards than accountants. Will that change? Of course it will, just as e-mail is now a common business tool, so will the use of online services to find employees and jobs.

A lot will change in both how we list ourselves on line and how companies list openings before it becomes common in none tech industries, but it will get there eventually. Everything I’ve read talks about college students using the web but that misses a big part of the story. High schools are teaching computer use and a huge number of students that will not go one to college are just as computer savvy as the college grads. They use text messaging, they use Facebook, My Space and all the rest just as much as those college students and will expect to find a job using the same methods.

If your company is limiting it’s tech driven job search methods to the job classifications that demand a college education, your missing some great employees who will be trying to use the these methods to find your jobs that don’t require a college degree!

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