Saturday, May 31, 2008

One possible future for mobile computing

Before I got my smart phone I used a Palm Life Drive as my PDA. One neat feature was the wireless folding keyboard that let me work on documents without taking my laptop on the road.

The Life Drive was about the same size and weight as the I-phone which does everything my PDA did and a lot more. The I-phone coupled with applications over the internet and a bluetooth connected keyboard and mouse could replace the larger and heavier laptop for some mobil computing uses.

How about this:

The phone has at least 10 Gig of memory, a wireless link to your server and the internet, a bluetooth link to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. When you get to work, you just touch the “work link” icon on the screen and automatically connect to the peripherals and your office network. When your done for the day you log out and take your phone home with you. At home, you touch the “home link” icon and you have access to all the files on your device and your home peripherals.

For people on the go, a folding keyboard and mini-mouse would allow you to use the small screen until they finally perfect the roll up flat screen. True mobile computing without having to carry a comparatively huge laptop.

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