Monday, March 17, 2008

We owe this to each other

I’ve stayed away from politics in this blog, but I just can’t ignore this one. A CNN video clip about an Iraq veteran.

Who is the United States? The preamble states “We the people of the United States..” So you and I are the Untied States. It doesn't matter if you agree with the war in Iraq or not, we owe the solders our support.

Who are the solders who serve the United States. They are our neighbors, our sons & daughters, our nieces & nephews, and our grandchildren, and we are not caring for them!

Once of our service women or men who is injured they deserve 100 percent support from our government until they are restored to full health. If they can’t be fully restored, they deserve free health care and financial assistance as long as they don’t have full health.

If you think that’s expensive, think about what the soldier agreed to do - “I’ll work for a lot less money than I could make in another occupation, I’ll go where you say, because you say, and give my life if you think it’s necessary”. They didn’t say “Only if it doesn’t cost too much” they said “I’ll go”.

Health care is not a gift from the government, it’s deferred compensation they’ve earned!

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