Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finding great workers

AT&CEO Randall Stephenson made the statement that great workers are hard to find.

That’s only true because AT&T clings to an outmoded HR process. As all of us with a background in manufacturing know, if the end result isn’t right, first check your process.

The process most companies use to identify candidates is patterned on the old manufacturing model and looks for skills not abilities. Skills are typing speed, familiarity with software applications, or the ability to operate machinery. Abilities are leadership, problem solving, and building customer relationships. Evaluating skills is simply checking off items on a list, a relatively quick and simple process. Evaluating abilities requires careful reading and thoughtful evaluation followed by discussions with the applicant. Checking skills is fast while determining abilities is slow.

As we continue to shift to knowledge work, abilities not skills will define the great workers you need to help your company succeed. The only way you will find those great workers is to change your HR process.

If your satisfied with your results, don’t change if your not satisfied - change.

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