Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is the next step?

Two years ago I was laid off for about the 20th time in my life. All the other times, I hit the ground running and found another job. At times in the past, I changed fields to use the same skills, what we now call “cross over skills”. This time at age 60, the only thing I could find was to go back to construction work by starting my own handyman business.

At about age 35 I sold my partnership in a burglar alarm sales and service company and went to work for a large aerospace company because I didn’t want to get to be 60 and still crawling under houses. Now here I was doing just that.

I did that for about a year before a former customer called to see if I could support a special project scheduled to last about 45 days. Turned into an 18 month gig. Sounds great, but now that source has dried up and I am looking for the “next step”. Since I turned 62 I started to draw my pension and social security so the money angel is not the issue, I spent the last 45 years working and defining myself by my work - just like most of us.

So, who am I now? What is the next step in feeling productive?

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