Monday, November 26, 2007

Job search notes

A couple of years ago the company I worked for closed the division I where I worked and I couldn’t find a job. The job search process can be very difficult for those of us who aren’t self promoter personality types.

Most of us are good at our jobs but showcasing our talents is not our specialty. We read the books and listen to the advice of the unemployment office, the advisers at the job fairs, and still can’t seem to get it right.

The biggest problem I found is that there is no “right” to get. Each reviewer has a personal view of how the applicant should present their resume and while there are some generalizations, mostly, if it doesn’t match that particular individuals expectations, REJECT.

Its a trial and error process with only one chance to get it right and no feedback. As the big group of baby boomers retire and the smaller group of the next generation moves into the work force the process will have to change to accommodate the the new fact of life - there aren’t enough workers!

The companies will have to put a lot more effort into finding workers.

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