Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stop listening to the people who were wrong!

Back in February of 2008 I told people that “we are in a recession” and was told No Way!

This article in the San Francisco Chronicle puts the lie to that “No Way”; “It took seven economists 11 months to decide what should seem obvious given all the foreclosures, bank failures and layoffs - the United States is officially mired in a recession.”

I told people that the big problem with the economy is that wages had not kept up with prices, so people used credit cards and borrowed to keep up and was told No Way!

At the beginning of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009, the authors write: "Since 2001, as worker productivity went up, 96% of the income growth in this country went to the wealthiest 10% of society. While they were benefiting from record high worker productivity, the remaining 90% of Americans were struggling to sustain their standard of living. They sustained it by borrowing ... and borrowing ... and borrowing, and when they couldn't borrow anymore, the bottom fell out." Puts the lie to that “No Way”.

I also claimed that “free trade” would be a net loss to the American worker and was told No Way!

Well now...

The US census bureau figures reports that in 2008 the US bought $246,453,000 more in goods and services from China than we sold to them.

The same source also reports on their website that “The Nation's international deficit in goods and services decreased to $40.4 billion in November from $56.7 billion (revised) in October, as imports decreased more than exports.”

Once again, I seem to be right.

My question is - how many times do I have to be right before people start to listen? The folks who told me No Way have been proven wrong which should call their theories and their ability to forecast trends into question, but those same people are the ones being asked to help solve the crisis their forecasts and theories caused.

By the way, for those of you who think NAFTA was such a good deal;

2008 we spent over 60 million dollars more in Mexico than we sold.
2007 we spent over 70 million dollars more in Mexico than we sold.
2006 we spent over 60 million dollars more in Mexico than we sold.

Sound like I was right about that being another looser, huh?

As my wife pointed out there were some public figures that said the same things at about the same time I said them. So why are the decision makers still listening to the “experts” that told us “No Way” and not to the people who told them that those policies would be a disaster? Seems to me that you would listen to the guy who turned out to be right not the one who was wrong!

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