Friday, February 13, 2009

Protectionist or common sense?

Is it protectionist, xenophobic, or nationalistic for me want to do business with my next door neighbor? Especially when he spends his money at the local McDonald’s and the local Mickey D’s spends their money with me!

The real question about our foreign trade policies is “How’s that working out for you?”

We spend a lot more money with other countries than they spend with us. The plan was that we would buy low tech from them and they would buy high tech from us. Well it didn’t work out that way, in 2008 we spend 249 plus billion dollars (yes, thats BILLION) more than we sold.

And it’s been like that since we signed those trade agreements. OK, you big brains sold us this plan, now we expect you to tell us when do we start:

a) Developing more tech jobs?
b) When do our trade partners start buying that stuff from us?

Until you answer those questions, you're just another loud mouth with a theory that didn't work!

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