Sunday, April 27, 2008

What do I want from my government in tough economic times?

Do I really want the government to give me a hand out? No, I expect my government to make sure the rules keep things fair. I do object to my government making rules that make it harder for me to make a living. When changes to the rules cost jobs, I expect the planners to include that eventuality and to have some process in place to replace those jobs.

That means if the government lowers tariffs on a foreign product, they must include in their plan new jobs for the displaced. Before you say “It’s not the government’s job to find work for citizens” remember the immediate cause of the job loss was the changes caused by the government.

If the government builds a dam to prevent down stream flooding, it routinely pays the cost of relocating people who lose their homes and business to the new lake. Just so, changing the economic rules destroys the homes and businesses of citizens. Shouldn’t the government pay for the dislocation it’s changes cause?

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