Wednesday, April 9, 2008


“We read for information, with the hope that information we acquire will improve our minds, giving us the means to improve our lives.” John Wesley

The biggest trouble with education in the United States today is that the educators have lost sight of their purpose. People need education so they can contribute to society, and for that contribution, society will support them. While the medium of exchange is money, that is just a way to swap effort for goods without direct barter.

I agree that a broad education is necessary to prepare people for more than just their working careers, but until the basic need of “giving us the means to improve our lives” is served, that broader knowledge will always remain an unused potential.

The educators in the United States are focusing on the “broad” part of education, while many other countries are focusing their efforts on job related skills. That is one reason that so many US companies are complaining that they can’t find enough “qualified” workers and are lobbying heavily for more work permits for foreign workers.

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