Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Control

With an estimated 314,000,000 people in the United States and a generally accepted 45% of the population owning guns that translates into 141,300,000 individuals owning guns. Accepting 31,672 number of deaths in 2010 from all gun related causes we get a 0.0224 percent rate of deaths per gun owner

So if we do the numbers then the gun control advocates believe that the 99.97% of gun owners who act responsibly should be penalized for the 0.03 (rounded up for simplicity) of people who act irresponsibly.

Stated this way the only obvious conclusion is that thoughtful analysis is not part of the argument. The people who advocate the complete ban on private gun ownership don’t have a rational argument only an emotional one.

As Judge Robert Rolf stated in 1842 “Hard cases make bad law”; I’ll paraphrase that to “Emotional cases make bad laws”.

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