Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A surprising find

We have a friend visiting and her mother was born in Winsor, Colorado, so we drove up so she could see the town just for fun.

Since it was lunchtime we decided to try a Mexican restaurant, called the Pueblo Viejo, because it was close to the freeway and on our way back from Windsor. From the highway it looked quite large, but pulling into the parking lot it looked like your typical strip mall storefront and we almost didn’t stop.

When we got in it was a really nice looking place, clean with nice decorations and a wonderful hostess, who we later found was, with her husband, the owner.

My wife, her friend, and I all picked something different from the menu and each of us were very pleased with our choices. I was really surprised to find a Pescado Costeno (a breaded Tilapia topped with jalapenos, cheese and bacon) that was first rate.

I didn’t expect to get a fish dish that outstanding from a strip mall storefront Mexican restaurant!

Pueblo Viejo in Windsor has two other locations in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, and while I can’t vouch for the food in any other location, based on the food at the Windsor store I’d try any of them when I am in that area.

I can’t recommend them highly enough, so I’m attaching a link to their Fort Collins location for you to follow up if you like.

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