Monday, August 17, 2009

I’ll believe the politicians when they address the obvious issues in health care

I’ll believe the politicians when they recognize that the part of health care my employer pays for is part of my salary. When they demand that any cut in what the employer pays for health care is balanced by an increase in my hourly rate, so I can pay for the coverage my self.

I’ll believe when they demand insurance companies charge an individual the same amount as for an employee of the biggest companies for the same policy. The insurance company decided to put me in a group called individual instead of a group called company XYZ employee.

I’ll believe when they require insurance companies to accept my pre-existing condition exactly as they did when I started with XYZ Company. The insurance company decides to accept a pre-existing condition or not based on which group they assign me to.

Which group an insurance company assigns me to is an accounting fiction decided by that insurance company and nothing will change as long as it’s in the insurance companies interest (higher profit margin) to not change.

Remember, if the insurance company wasn’t making a profit selling that policy to XYZ company, they wouldn’t sell it. So it’s not a profit or no profit decision, it’s how much profit.

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