Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Risk versus risky

I am building a woodworking shop next to my house. Last week I was shingling the roof, stepped on the felt and the staples gave way. I fell off the roof.

I claim I’m a coward, my son claims I don’t take risks. He says I do risky things (like working on a roof) but do all the things to reduce the risk. I was not hurt because I was wearing a safety harness clipped to a well anchored rope.

The harness and rope are left over from my rock climbing days and I use them whenever I need to climb around high enough off the ground that I could be hurt if I fell. That’s doing risky things (climbing on the roof) but not taking risks (working without a safety harness).

I try to apply the same thinking to my business life. I have and use the correct equipment or procedure to take as much risk as possible out of the task I am trying to accomplish.

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